Teeth Brightening

Please come to our teeth brightening appointments 15 minutes early to fill out a form.

 Mini Teeth Brightening – Two 12 minute sessions will take place. This service is great if you’re on a time crunch or coming in for your regular touch up. (30 minutes)

 Regular Teeth Brightening – Three 15 minute sessions will take place. If you’re interested in teeth brightening and are wanting more than just a mini session then this is the right service for you. You will get a great idea of what teeth brightening has to offer! (60 minutes)

Extended Teeth Brightening – Five 15 minutes sessions will take place. Great for people who have already experienced a regular session and want an even brighter smile. If you’ve tried the regular teeth brightening session and had no problems with sensitivity then this option may be suited for you. (90 minutes)

Mini Teeth Brightening $85
Regular Teeth Brightening $105
Extended Teeth Brightening $150

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