Custom Tattoo

A tattoo can be the perfect way to express yourself. Book your tattoo appointment with confidence. Pebbles will review your desired tattoo, placement and confirm your pricing. Pricing can range between $120-150 per hour

The price is cost per hour. The complexity of your design can affect the amount of time your appointment will take. Please discuss this with Pebbles prior to your appointment time.


Book with our resident tattoo artist

  • Pebbles
    Tattoo Artist

    To book, please email her directly at and include the following information (copy and paste into your email with the responses):

    • Your name
    • Your contact information (phone number & email)
    • A photo of the design you are looking for (include a few examples if possible)
    • A description of the desired placement of the tattoo
    • Your availability/time you are looking to get your tattoo (booking depends on our availability)
    • Any other pertinent info you want us to know


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