Philocaly Tape In Extensions

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Philocaly tape-in hair extensions are reusable pre-taped extensions made of the highest quality Remy Russian human hair. Tape-in extensions provide an instant result and are perfect for volume, length and colour (high or lowlight) treatments.

Each pack of tape extensions contains 30 pcs. For a full volume treatment 2 boxes are recommended.

Re-install and application is required every 6-8 weeks!

Philocaly Hair is not only 100% Remy Russian, but they are also 100% single donor collected. This means that every package of Philocaly hair extensions are ethically gathered from the same person. Not only does this give your hair extensions natural flow and movement but it also means zero tangling and matting.

We require an in person consultation to assure the best results.

Consultation* Required

15 min

Application + Style

120 minutes

Re Application 6-8 weeks

120 minutes

1 Box of hair (30 pieces)

*Full Payment required before application
*2 boxes recommended
1 pack 16-18" - reg. $225
2 pack 16-18" - reg $450
1 pack 18-20" - reg $275
2 pack 18-20" - reg $550

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tape in extensions?

Tape in extensions are the newest hair extension trend on the market. Tape in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 1 inch wide pre-taped hair wefts, that get “taped-in” in between your own hair in “sandwich” like bonds. It is the most requested hair extension method in salons worldwide. This method is 100% natural, requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to three months-and the hair is reusable!

Can tape in hair extensions be reused?

The answer is YES! Tape in hair extensions are non-damaging and very easy to remove. Depending on your wear and use, they can last up to 1 year.

Are tape in extensions good?

When it comes to tape extensions, you want to invest into a higher quality tape extension brand. We offer Philocaly tape-in extensions are the least damaging on the market. They are very lightweight and do not pull on your own hair like other extensions do – they grow out with your own hair and do not tug or pull.

How do I take care of my tape in extensions?
  1. Do not comb or brush the hair extensions while hair is wet.
  2. Never sleep with wet hair extensions.
  3. Brush the hair with a hair extension brush (we retail the Flex Wet Brush) several times a day.
  4. Braid hair at night or low ponytail.
Do I need to use a certain shampoo/Conditioner?

YES, you will need to use a high quality sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep the tabs from slipping and the hair extensions in good condition (we retail Milkshake).

Can you swim with tape in extensions?

Swimming with tape in extensions is 100% doable and many women are able to do it. Yes, that’s right, you can finally swim with hair extensions and they wont slip our, tangle, or ruin the actual hair extension bond.

Do I have to get hair trims?

Philocaly hair is real human hair and will get split ends just like your hair does. Trim those ends, ladies!

How often do I need to get them re-applied?

Every 6-8 weeks, your hair extensions will need to be re-applied to move the bonds closer to the scalp and to keep your hair healthy.

Why are your extensions more?

Philocaly extensions are slightly higher than other online hair extension companies because we offer more hair per pack and pride ourselves on selling high quality extensions! You are paying for quality and hair you can wear confidently for a long time. If you see less expensive hair online, make sure it is genuine Russian human hair so it lasts.

How many packs of hair do I need?

We require an in-person consultation!

This will give us confident results in how many you will need, assuring that we get beautiful blended results.

Can I color my tape-in extensions?

Yes you can. Because our hair is 100% human hair all collections can be colored. Keep in mind that you should only use semi or demi permanent hair color. You should NEVER lift the color, only deposit it. You want to keep the hair healthy. Color darker, never lighter. We suggest to get a professional to do it!

What color should I get?

For the best color match we require an in-person consultation color match. We offer over 12 colors!

How are hot tools around the hair going to affect the tape ins?

We do not advise using heat or a flat iron on or too close to the extensions. Adding heat will cause the glue to melt and spread making it difficult to remove. Please be careful!

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